Evidence-based Shared Decisions

Developmental, Behavioral and Health Screening Tools Families & Teens


Developmental Screening Questionnaire

CHADIS Helps Families:
  • Tell the provider about any goals for the visit.
  • Share problems or concerns and ask questions.
  • Track a child's development.
  • Identify health and safety risks
  • Connect providers, families, and teachers so that everyone can provide information and updates about how a child is doing.

CHADIS delivers questionnaires to parents and teens and collects the answers from those questionnaires, making them available to health care providers. CHADIS was founded by experienced pediatricians with the goal of providing better care and support to kids and families.

Benefits of CHADIS for Families

Early diagnosis and treatment of health, developmental and behavioral issues in children and adolescents is important to having the best outcomes for families. Getting the right diagnosis and management plan mostly depends on getting accurate information from patients and parents. CHADIS questionnaires put families and clinicians in a better position to share in the decision-making.  The goal is Evidence-based Shared Decisions.

...And For Teens

Teenagers should provide information to their doctor independently of their parents and also have private time with their doctor.

  • CHADIS provides a confidential way for Teens to communicate directly with their provider.
  • Teens do not see Parent answers, and Parents do not see Teen answers.

​CHADIS MemoryBook Care Portal
Benefits after health visits includes individualized feedback in a MemoryBook Care Portal, available in most offices in the secure area where questionnaires are taken, which was created for your child (see video overview) and designed to be a way for clinicians to join with parents and teens to:

  • capture special memories and achievements in a keepsake format with tailored educational suggestions
  • alert them to health challenges
  • provide useful information tailored just for them by questionnaire results and/or clinician selection
  • give access to a file of resources free of advertising



Supporter Testimonials

“Dr. Lindgren’s patients access a cool web tool, called CHADIS, that allows them to help him screen for all kinds of conditions including developmental delays, behavioral issues, or even learning problems.  You see, this doc is big into prevention. But it’s hard to get the info he needs in a regular office visit since parents often have their hands full with a sick child.  Now his patients can be way ahead of the game and parents love it.”


Dr. Carl Lindgren
Healthy Futures Pediatrics

CHADIS has been a really great resource for my practice. With CHADIS, I have access to a comprehensive list of screening and assessment tools. I can use the tools to accomplish multiple goals, including early screening and intervention. As a physician, I know that early intervention DOES WORK!



Janice Loeffler, MD

Treehouse Pediatrics has used Chadis as a part of its day to day operations for the past couple of years. We have found it to be a tremendous asset in our operational efficiencies.  Parents appreciate the convenience of completing their child’s developmental, ADHD, and asthma questionnaires at home, and it has proven to help make all of our visits requiring questionnaires run more smoothly.  Furthermore, we appreciate the interpretation and documentation that Chadis provides for these questionnaires. We feel that Chadis has become an integral part of our operational efficiencies.  We do not know what we would do without it.

Bill James, MHA
Treehouse Pediatrics

“I just wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful opportunity…so so helpful for me to better understand my patient, and to have ideas on where to go next. So thank you so much for a really incredible opportunity to be part of CHADIS.”

Laura Lieberman, MD