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Study featured in World Biomedical Frontiers because of its innovation and potential for significant impact.
Autism Screening With Online Decision Support by Primary Care Pediatricians Aided by M-CHAT/F
Raymond Sturner, Barbara Howard, Paul Bergmann, Tanya Morrel, Lindsay Andon, 
Danielle Marks, Patricia Rao, Rebecca Landa 
Pediatrics Aug 2016, e20153036; DOI: 10.1542/peds.2015-3036 

Case Conference

June 20th at 12:00 p.m. EST  Pediatric OCD

July 18th at 12:00 p.m. EST Substance Use Prevention

Instructions to join the case conference: Call 866.740.1260 code 2121272 PLUS log in to www.readytalk.com  code 2121272. You may participate without being online.


April 29th - Visit Genna Vullo at the AAP Northern California, Chapter 1 Conference - Oakland Children's Hospital.

May 4th - 7th - Visit Kathy Caldwell at the Alabama AAP - Sandestin Golf & Beach Resort

May 6th - 9th - Visit Dr. Barbara Howard, Dr. Raymond Sturner, and Genna Vullo at PAS Pediatric Academic Society - Moscone Convention Center - San Francisco

May 8th - 10th - Visit Allen Traylor and Stacey Targee at the eClinicalWorks Health Center Summit - Boston, MA

July 18th - 21st - Visit Allen Traylor and Kathy Caldwell at the PCC User Conference - Burlington, VT

August 8th - 10th - Visit Allen Traylor, Kathy Caldwell and Stacey Targee at ACE - Chicago, IL

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In Other News:

CHADIS receives NICHD award aimed at reduction of child maltreatment and addressing family stress.  A unique family stress "patient specific template" has been created for this purposes and is being further refined through clinical simulations with primary care pediatricians and feedback from a diverse group of parents.  This module will be studied further in a large scale cluster randomized trial.  Interested practices should contact Dr. Barbara Howard at bhoward@chadis.com  Click to view Family Stress Grant Summary.

CHADIS American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) Portfolio Sponsor status renewed for the Maintenance of Certification (MOC-4) program.   CHADIS is unique in matching patient generated data with prompted clinician decision making so chart reviews are not needed.  Portfolio Sponsors are programs recognized as having demonstrated success in creating approved quality improvement processes for formal re-certification of specialty status and are able to create their own programs on behalf of the ABP.  CHADIS offers MOC-4 for the following areas: Autism Screening; Developmental Screening; Asthma; ADHD; and Family Stress. 

Congratulations Drs. Raymond Sturner and Barbara Howard, et al. 

Posters Presented at The Society for Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics Conference 2016

A Child's Perceived Strengths and Challenges

The "Best and Hardest Parts" of Parenting

Congratulations Dr. Sturner!

Our own Dr. Raymond Sturner was honored by having been chosen to present an abstract at the AAP NCE in October and in December 2015 it will be published  as an online e-supplement to Pediatrics.  

"Recognizing that abstract presentation is a yardstick of success, the Academy is pleased to further support recognition and documentation of this achievement....." Sue Tellez, AAP.


Supporter Testimonials

"CHADIS has been a great timesaver and has improved the quality of the care that I deliver in the office. I used to have a large stack of paper on my desk, of questionnaires and surveys, that needed to be scored and evaluated. With CHADIS that paper has all disappeared because the parents complete those surveys and the scoring is done automatically and is imported into Office Practicum. That benefit in and of itself is worth the investment."

Dr. Robert Stephens
Cornerstone Pediatrics, Sequin, Tx

"Getting CHADIS is definitely worthwhile. If you were to take each of those questionnaires and buy them individually, at an online pre-visit basis, the cost is actually cheaper through CHADIS."

Dr. Selam Bullock
Kids' First Pediatric, Raleigh, NC

"My short time experience with CHADIS integrated has been great!  It’s a product that actually does what it says it will do!  I am really liking this product!  The discrete data elements and the ease of use have made the transition rather painless."

Becky Senesac, CPC, EFPM
Primary Care Health Partners, Williston, VT

“We have been using CHADIS for 5 years.  The recent interface between Allscripts Pro and CHADIS has had a positive impact on our clinic, for the questionnaires that are supported.  Prior to the interface, almost 100% of our questionnaires were completed in the office.  Now we are seeing an increasing percentage of questionnaires being completed at home. We find it is fairly seamless now. [This is a] significant savings of work and time…”

Grace Stout, Practice Manager
The Children's Clinic, Anchorage, AK

“Dr. Lindgren’s patients access a cool web tool, called CHADIS, that allows them to help him screen for all kinds of conditions including developmental delays, behavioral issues, or even learning problems.  You see, this doc is big into prevention. But it’s hard to get the info he needs in a regular office visit since parents often have their hands full with a sick child.  Now his patients can be way ahead of the game and parents love it.”


Dr. Carl Lindgren
Healthy Futures Pediatrics