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CHADIS Frequently Asked Questions
What is CHADIS?
  • CHADIS is an online system that delivers questionnaires that help your Pediatrician review the health and development of your child. Using CHADIS before the visit will help us take better care of your child.
What is the goal of the questionnaires?
  • Your doctor uses the questionnaires to examine if your child is developing on schedule. These questions can help detect issues early, before some signs are present. When issues are caught early, children are helped earlier and treatment is often more effective. The process also allows you to share with your doctor any questions or concerns you may have.
When should I use CHADIS?
  • You should use CHADIS before every regular visit. Once you register, CHADIS will send you a reminder email before each visit.<
How do I get started?
Who has access to this information?
  • Only your doctor and the staff in the office has access to your information.  You will have a personal username and password to access the CHADIS questionnaires.
Can I register more than one child on my account?
  • You may register all of your children under your account.  Please look for the "Back to My Children" and "Enroll Another Child" buttons once you login to CHADIS.
Who can help me with technical issues?
  • CHADIS has a toll-free technical assistance line. Please call (888) 424-2347 Ext. 12.
How can I learn more about CHADIS?