About Us
“CHADIS is the best example of what the future of pediatrics should look like.”
Dr. Neal Halfon, Professor, UCLA, invited address: “The Future of General Pediatrics” at National Pediatric Academic Societies, May, 2006

Who is CHADIS?

Total Child Health Inc. (TCH) is the management company which licenses the use of CHADIS. TCH is a for-profit Limited Liability Corporation incorporated for the specific purpose of promoting the usage of CHADIS in Pediatric care.

Raymond Sturner, MD

Executive Chairman, Total Child Health, Inc.

Associate Professor of Pediatrics, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr. Raymond Sturner is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and former Director of the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Fellowship Training Program at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He was previously Director of the Child Development Unit at Duke University. His research interests have been in the application of child development to primary care pediatrics. He has been the principal investigator of some 60 "grant years" of research and demonstration projects including components of CHADIS described here. He also has had training in child development at the Yale Child Study Center.

Barbara Howard, MD

President, Total Child Health, Inc.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr. Barbara Howard is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician trained by Dr. Brazelton at Harvard, an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins and former Co-Director of the fellowship program. She is a very popular national speaker on child behavior problems and is past president of the Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics. She was a contributing author for Bright Futures, DSM-PC and Bright Futures in Practice: Mental Health and has served on national committees of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Allen Traylor

Chief Operating Officer, VP of Business Development

Allen Traylor provides strategic and operational leadership for business development to Total Child Health. Previously, Allen worked at The Office of the National Coordinator providing strategic policy planning for the EHR Incentive Program and outreach and coordination in support of federal grantees. Allen has spent time consulting on various healthcare projects including India’s first emergency response system, supporting local health commissioners, as a patient advocate along with consulting for various small companies. Allen started his career in healthcare at Healthwise where he helped clients integrate patient educational material and resources into EHRs, PHR, and web portals. Allen received his M.P.H. and M.B.A. from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public and the Carey Business School.

Christopher Schultz

Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Schultz is the CTO TCH and heads all software engineering within the organization. At TCH, Schultz brings together Open Source Software (OSS) technologies with custom-built software to provide applications and services for healthcare professionals as well as use within the organization. Schultz has a Bachelor of Science degree from the Department of Software Engineering and Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, with concentrations in Computer Graphics, Human-Computer Interfaces, and Optics.

Sharissa Epps

Strategic Account Manager and Customer Operations

Sharissa Epps manages Client Implementation, Quality Improvement Programs, and Customer Service for CHADIS. She collaborates with clinical and operations teams to implement workflows that incorporate CHADIS. Sharissa identifies and documents best practices and delivers educational materials to support implementation. Sharissa coordinates our ABP approved Part IV MOC programs for clinicians and offers continuous quality improvement ideas to improve efficiencies for CHADIS clients. To ensure continued success with CHADIS, Sharissa provides customer service and continuing education.

Tanya Morrel, PhD

Lead Research Associate

Dr. Tanya Morrel, PhD is a research associate at the Center who oversees the overall development and piloting of CHADIS. Dr. Morrel has a uniquely appropriate background in both clinical child psychology and systems engineering. Dr. Morrel received her degree in systems engineering from the University of Virginia and her PhD in clinical psychology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Her research experience and publications are in the area of child abuse and domestic violence.

Kathleen (Lucy) McGoron, PhD

Research Associate

Dr. Lucy McGoron, PhD is a research associate who oversees the ADHD quality improvement study. Dr. McGoron received her PhD in Applied Developmental Psychology from the University of New Orleans. She has training and experience in child welfare, infant mental health, child mental health assessments, and parent education. Dr. McGoron’s research has focused on developmental psychopathology and determinants of high-risk parenting. She is interested in promoting positive parenting in high-risk families and early intervention.